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We’re passionate about advocating a healthy and active lifestyle, and we’ll show you that it’s much easier to live it than you think. We provide a unique environment where our clients are able to get the support they need to get amazing results. You’ll not only see an increase in your energy, you’ll also lose weight, get stronger, build lean muscle, and feel the best you’ve felt in a long time- fast!

So, how does our training technique differ from the rest? Our team of experts feature tailored workouts that are designed to boost your metabolism, help you burn maximum fat calories, and get you in great shape in record time! You see, there is a difference between training to burn overall calories and burning FAT CALORIES, which we will teach you about when you come in for your free session.

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Client Testimonials

Need some motivation? Check out some of our client testimonials below!

Amy T.

I Lost 150 lbs

Before U First Fitness no matter what exercise I did I couldn’t get the scale to move.  In the beginning of March 2012 my boss told me about Rene, and I have been hooked ever since!  The scale has moved again and I am down 150 lbs all together.  I feel great and I look better than I had since high school.  I attribute the success to Rene and all the U First Fitness Trainers know how, great attitude, positive encouragement and the comradely of all the people in the classes.  I look forward to the workouts every day, it’s challenging but the rewards are so great it’s worth it.  They surround me with support and encouragement.  I would and do recommend U First Fitness to anyone that wants to look and feel their very best.

Mary H.

Size 12 to a size ZERO!

If you would have told me a few months back that I could go from a size 12 to a size 2 by doing 30 minute workouts I would have said you were crazy. But it’s true, and I am the proof. Rene’ Serrate and the team at U First Fitness made it happen. Thanks for giving me my body back!

Andra C.

I Lost 20 Pounds!

When I came to U First Fitness I lost over 20 pounds in 7 weeks for my wedding.  I ended up losing a total of over twenty inches (6 inches in my waist) and my dress had to be taken in 4 times.  Thank you everyone at U First Fitness.  I’m in the BEST shape of my life!

Marty A.

20lbs Lost! 9% Body Fat

My personal trainer at U First Fitness gave me good advice and suggestions and took the time to explain to me how eating works in conjunction with your workout regimen. I lost 20lbs, 9% body fat, and a total of 16.75 inches.  From the time I walked into U First Fitness I knew that this was going to be different from the last time I had a personal trainer. Rene’ Serrate, and the rest of the staff really do take a personal interest in all of the clients-not just their own. You feel a sense of partnership with the U First Fitness staff. They look deeper than just the physical aspect of your needs and really draw the goals in you that you didn’t even realize you had. Thank you U First Fitness!

Scott M.

I Lost 12 LBS

I am currently a client at U First Fitness…My trainer has been an inspiration and mentor to me. She is extremely knowledgeable, teaches by examples and lives each day by exercising.I followed exactly what my trainer at UFF told me to do, and in just a short span of three months, I lost twelve pounds and my body fat percentage decreased to fifteen percent. U First Fitness has taught me how to mold my body and mind into any shape or state that I wish it to be. Thank you UFF

Amy T.
Mary H.
Andra C.
Marty A.
Scott M.

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